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Feline - Health is unique to every breed

Different breeds have different needs

At ROYAL CANIN®, we believe that every cat is unique. 
Each breed has different traits and different health issues, so we combine scientific and nutritional research from our network of experts to create precise nutrition. Each of our breed diets includes specific nutrients to support the health needs of that particular breed. See below how two of our breed specific diets address the specific needs of different breeds.


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A kibble for every breed

ROYAL CANIN® develops and evaluates kibble designs to provide specific benefits to cats from head to tail… Because incredible is in the detail. We understand how a pure breed’s muzzle length and jaw structure affect the way the breed picks up and chews its food. To find out more about our different breed diets, visit our cat breed profile pages.


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Precise formulas for your breed

There are many different cat breeds. Some are more active and require joint support, others need their appetites kept under control. Then there are those whose jaws make it hard to pick up kibble. Find out more below.



Did you know?

Wet food is a great way to tempt fussy cats as it gives off a meaty aroma they’ll be drawn to. Try mixing it up for your cat! We have different wet food textures providing variety for fussy felines. Find more tips on how to feed your fussy cat.


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Find the right diet at your local stockist

You can find our ROYAL CANIN® Cat breed diets at pet stores and online stores nationwide.

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If you are still wondering what diet to feed, you can use our ROYAL CANIN® Product Finder - Just select and enter the relevant criteria for your pet!

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