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Going away with your dog

Most of the time if you are planning on heading away, a short holiday usually means leaving your dog at a boarding kennel, or giving them to a friend or family member to look after. Next time you’re thinking about a weekend away, consider taking your dog along for the ride so you can spend some quality time together and rest easy knowing they’re still well looked after in your care.


Take them for a swim


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Dogs give you plenty of activity options when it comes to bringing them along on holidays. Most dogs love the water, and there are many dog beaches both around the city and coast that give them the opportunity to run wild off their leash with other dogs. Dog beaches are a great treat for your dog to swim in the water, tumble in the waves and roll in the sand. For dogs that aren’t strong swimmers, it’s a good idea to put a dog lifejacket on them so they stay safe. It’s also important that if your dog isn’t used to being off-leash or isn’t comfortable with other dogs, to ease them into this environment as it might be quite overwhelming for them at first.


Camp outdoors


dog camping


If you love getting out in the great outdoors, think about bringing along your dog with you and experiencing nature together. Going camping is an excellent way for you to bond, as you’ll be spending much of your time exploring together during the day and relaxing at night. There are plenty of camping spots that are dog-friendly, but it’s important to do your research beforehand to make sure there are no restrictions and whether your dog has to be on their leash or tied up at night. It’s important too that you make sure your dog is always in sight, as they’ll be in an unfamiliar environment so you won’t want them travelling too far without you.


Go for a hike

It’s no secret dogs love to get out and about, and there’s almost nothing they love more than going for a walk. Taking your dog for a hike to an area they haven’t explored before, lets them experience new smells and sights and is also a great way for them to get a little exercise. If you are planning on a long trip, make sure you are well prepared with plenty of fresh water, a portable water bowl and doggy bags for toilet trips. It’s also a good idea to remember to watch out for wildlife when heading out with your dog, as depending on the season, animals such as snakes and jellyfish can potentially harm your dog. Holidays are a great time to spend some quality time with the whole family including your dog. Whether it’s a trip along the coast or inland at a camping spot, there are plenty of activities and experiences you can all share and enjoy together, without having to leave your dog back at home.


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