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How can poultry feathers help your itchy dog?

Royal Canin helps treat dog allergies

When you are dealing with highly allergic dogs, sometimes you need think outside the box – or start thinking inside the coop. That’s how we developed Anallergenic – the diet formulated to assist in the treatment of the most severe adverse food reactions in dogs. Over a ten year period, our French research team travelled the world to find a nutritious source of protein that even extremely allergic dogs could handle.

When our researchers tried using poultry feather meal as the principal source of protein, they not only discovered a nutritious source of protein that can be made highly palatable for dogs, they also discovered a sustainable use for what was, until then, ending up as a waste product.

Of course, we don’t just put feathers in a bag and expect your dog to eat them. These feathers have the protein extracted from them using a laboratory process called hydrolysis and then specific purified animal fats are incorporated into the kibble for taste. Plus, because this diet is only for the most allergic dogs, all this is done inside a factory that undergoes a 48 hour cleaning process before manufacture begins. If you’d like to find out more, have a read of How do we make food for allergic pets? You’ll find this product, just like everything else we make at ROYAL CANIN®, is incredible in every detail.

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