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How to get your cat to drink enough water

It important to make sure your cat is drinking enough water so they naturally stay hydrated as frequent water intake helps maintain a healthy urinary tract. The more water your cat drinks, the more diluted their urine will be, making them less likely to develop urinary issues. Making sure your cat is drinking enough fresh water each day can sometimes seem tricky, but thankfully there are a number of simple ways you can change up their routine to ensure they are getting enough water each day.


Helpful tips   

The first tip seems obvious, but it’s incredibly easy to overlook and that’s making sure your cat has access to fresh water at all times. Be sure to provide multiple bowls in different locations inside and outside the house so your cat can have access to water at any time during the day. Just like their litter trays, some cats don’t take well to the concept of sharing their water bowl, particularly with dogs. If you happen to live in a multi-pet household, make sure your pets all have their own bowls.

It’s a good idea to also regularly refill their water bowls daily with fresh water so they’ll be more tempted to drink. As cats have such a keen sense of smell, if their water is not refreshed regularly, they may turn their nose up at what they perceive as an unpleasant smell.


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Cats can be very individual in their drinking preferences. Some cats like to drink running water and providing a cat water fountain can be a great way to tempt them to drink more. Some cat owners may also notice that their cats prefer drinking out of large  bowls so their whiskers don’t touch the sides, while others may see their cat needing their water filled to the brim so it’s easier for them to lap up. Try experimenting with different bowl sizes and types to find out which your cat prefers.

Besides fresh water, another simple way to get your cat’s water intake up is to introduce a wet diet into their routine. Wet food has a naturally higher water content, so the addition of wet food into their diets will increase their water intake.


Ask your vet

If you’ve tried a few of these suggestions and are still concerned your cat isn’t drinking enough water, it’s a good idea to seek advice from your vet. A lack of interest in drinking water can be a symptom of many different causes, so if your cat doesn’t seem to improve their drinking habits, your vet will be able to determine whether it is due to an illness or stressors in their lifestyle. 



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