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How to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy and comfortable

Keeping your dog feeling their best is about more than grooming and exercise. Of course, they need to be taken for walks and given a good wash and a brush to help keep them feel their best, but that's not all they need.

Feeling good is also an inside job - your dog needs to be healthy on the inside to feel healthy on the outside. For your dog to have a healthy coat and skin, they need to be eating a diet that has all the nutrition required to keep their coat and skin at its best.


Dog Essential Nutrition


Regular grooming 

Grooming is an essential part of maintaining great coat and skin health. Dogs don't spend nearly as much time grooming themselves as cats do, so they benefit greatly from a bit of help from you. The longer their coat, the more often they'll need a brush, but even dogs with very little hair will generally need a gentle groom at least once a week to remove moulting hair and tangles. You'll find it helps promote healthier skin and a shinier coat as well as giving you some more bonding time with your furry friend.

When you are brushing them, keep an eye on how healthy their coat and skin is. A healthy coat will be soft and shiny no matter the type of breed of your dog. An unhealthy coat however could be dry or greasy and relatively sparse, usually shedding a lot more than usual. Likewise, healthy skin will be comfortable and clean, whereas unhealthy skin could be sensitive, red or irritated.  There are many reasons your dog’s skin may be acting up, and introducing them to a high quality diet may be enough to keep their skin and coat in good condition.


Keep Your Dogs Skin Healthy


Essential nutrition 

A lack of the right nutrition can be a reason a dog may be showing signs of a poor quality coat or dry skin. Essential fats play a big role in keeping a dog’s coat shiny, so if they’re currently fed a low-fat diet, this may be to blame for their coat looking a little dull. A deficiency in fatty acids can also result in flakey skin and cause dandruff that you may be seeing in their fur.

Omega 6 fatty acids help replace the oils in your dog’s skin that gives their coat its healthy sheen. If you're seeing dull hair and flakey skin, it could be a lack of Omega 6. Omega 3 on the other hand is a great anti-inflammatory, so it helps reduce the impact of other skin disorders. Zinc also plays a major role in helping reduce inflammation and healing damaged skin. A high-quality diet that includes an exclusive combination of the right nutrients, like our Dermacomfort range, can help promote a lush coat and support your dog’s skin health.


Healthy from the inside out

By looking after your dog’s insides well with a premium diet, their appearance will most likely show off a lush coat and clear skin. Whether your dog is prone to skin issues or has a gorgeous looking coat and skin, a high-quality nutrition diet like ROYAL CANIN®'s  Dermacomfort range (Mini, Medium, Maxi), can help promote a lush coat and support your dog’s skin health.



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