Key Nutrients For Cats Key nutrients for assisting your cat’s weight loss

Key nutrients for assisting your cat’s weight loss

Did you know that according to a recent survey of Australian vets [1] around one third of our cat population is overweight?  When a cat is carrying more weight than is healthy for them, research says they not only have more strain on their internal organs, bones and joints, but they also have a reduced quality of life, increased stress, and are more likely to beg for food.

In order to assist with overcoming these issues, and to help manage weight loss in obese cats, ROYAL CANIN® developed the feline Satiety diet as part of the Veterinary range. Only available through vet practices and special online stores, the Satiety diet is a feline weight management tool that has been formulated with key nutrients to assist with the common secondary health issues that affect overweight cats.

Fibre to reduce hunger

Cat Nurtrition

The term ‘Satiety’ means the feeling of fullness, or satisfaction after eating a meal. Our feline Satiety diet uses a special blend of fibres that increase the volume of the contents of the stomach by around 30% without increasing the number of calories your cat consumes. This blend of fibres (combined with a high level of protein) helps your cat to feel full even though they’re eating less calories. This can help to reduce begging behaviours and limit food stealing.


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Protein content ensures fat loss, without muscle loss

Protein ensures weight loss in cats

One of the challenges with weight loss in cats is to ensure excessive body fat is lost, while lean muscle mass is retained. Our feline Satiety diet uses a high concentration of protein that not only reduces the number of calories per serve (protein has almost 50% less net energy per gram than fat does), but it also helps to maintain healthy muscle mass during weight loss.

In a study conducted in 2014, 94% of the weight lost by obese cats on our feline Satiety diet was fat, while only 6% was lean muscle[1].

Nutrients to assist feline bone and joint health

Assisting cats with weight loss

When a cat is carrying excessive weight, their bones and joints are put under a lot of extra stress. That is why our feline Satiety diet is more than just a weight loss diet. The feline Satiety formulation also contains high levels of the omega 3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) directly from fish oil, alongside glucosamine and chondroitin, a collection of nutrients that help to support bone and joint health.

Ensuring nutrient balance, while reducing calories

Fibre reduces cat hunger

When your cat is eating a reduced calorie diet to assist with weight loss, it is important to adjust the nutrient balance of the diet to prevent potential nutrient deficiencies. Our feline Satiety diet has been formulated with a particular combination of minerals, vitamins and proteins to help compensate for this reduction in calories. This helps to ensure that while the diet has less energy, it still contains the full nutrient balance your cat requires.

If you think your cat might be carrying more weight than is good for them, check out our Healthy Weight Triage Tool. This tool uses a Body Condition Score methodology to help you tell if their weight is in the healthy range. If it looks like your cat is overweight, ask your vet or vet nurse about how you can use ROYAL CANIN®’s feline Satiety diet as part of an integrated weight management program.


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(1) Deagle, G et al, [2014] Long-term follow-up after weight management in obese cats. Journal of Nutritional Science 3, e25 doi:10.1017/jns.2014.36

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