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Large dog breeds have unique nutritional needs

Purebred large dogs have a lot of similar traits: large appetites, big exercise needs and a tendency to take up a lot of room in your house. Every large dog will need to be fed a diet that supports their common needs such as keeping their joints and bones healthy and maintaining ideal muscle mass. However, despite large breeds appearing to be very similar, a lot of them have unique needs that require significantly different nutritional solutions - solutions that a specially formulated diet can help with.


 Labrador Dog Food


Labradors need to eat slower

Every Labrador Retriever owner knows that this breed loves to wolf down their meals.

However, Labradors are in the habit of eating quickly which can lead to problems with digestion. This dog’s hearty appetite will usually keep them eating well beyond what they require to maintain a healthy body weight, so they also have a tendency to gain more weight than is healthy.

It is because of unique needs like these that the ROYAL CANIN® Labrador diet works so well for the breed. The diet's reduced calorie content helps them maintain a healthy weight, and the particular shape of the Labrador kibble has been specifically engineered with a big hole in the middle. The hole not only acts as a breathing tube for a dog with a mouthful of food, it also encourages them to slow down and chew their food before they swallow it.


Golden Retriever Dog Food


Golden Retrievers have a tendency to scratch

The Golden Retriever is much like the Labrador, in that they also have a combination of needs that make them different to other breeds. Well known for their gorgeous, golden coats, Golden Retrievers are much more likely to develop skin problems than a lot of other dogs.  They are especially prone to skin irritations and in more extreme cases their constant licking and scratching of irritated areas can result in the formation of “hot spots”. Hot spots can be caused by allergic rashes, insect bites, dermatitis and in more extreme cases even skin infections, including in their ears.

Feeding Golden Retrievers a breed-specific diet can help deal with the individual health issues this breed is prone to suffering. This is why the ROYAL CANIN® Golden Retriever diet has been specifically formulated with added nutritional support for skin health including additional omega-3 fatty acids and borage oil.


German Shepherd Dog Food2


German Shepherds need support for their digestion

German Shepherds also respond better to a diet formulated specifically for them. Their diet needs to not only help them maintain a healthy, strong build it should also support their tendency to suffer from indigestion. The German Shepherd can sometimes experience frequent digestive upsets such as flatulence issues and liquid, runny stools that a good quality diet can assist with.

The ROYAL CANIN® German Shepherd diet takes these unique needs into account, with a formulation that includes added fibre to limit intestinal fermentation, plus a combination of highly digestible LIP proteins that help maintain strong muscle tone, but also are easier to digest that other, more complex protein types such as those you would find in unprocessed animal meat.


Whats The Best Boxer Dog Food


Boxers struggle to pick up kibble

Unlike other large breeds, Boxers normally don't have any trouble keeping the extra weight off their bodies. They are typically a highly active breed that naturally gets plenty of exercise in their day to day lives. Their big challenge is usually getting enough kilojoules and protein into their body so that they can keep their muscle mass up. Not only do Boxers need to get plenty of protein out of their diet to keep up their energy levels but many kibbles aren’t designed for the Boxers unique shortened jaw, making it much harder for them to pick up their food.

The ROYAL CANIN® Boxer diet not only has a kibble that is enriched with an adapted protein content that includes high levels of L-carnitine – a protein specifically included to support muscle development - the kibble's shape has also been engineered to make it easier for the Boxer's shortened jaw to pick up the food when they are eating.


Rottweiler Dog Food


Rottweilers need nutritional support for their hearts

The big, strong Rottweiler is another example of a large breed that needs a different form of nutritional support to other dogs. Rottweilers are tough but can be prone to heart conditions, especially involving the heart muscle. With a solid and muscular frame, healthy heart function is essential for the Rottweiler and an easy way to help support their heart is through a specifically formulated diet.

This is why the ROYAL CANIN® Rottweiler diet includes increased levels of taurine, as well as omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) that may help reduce the Rottweiler's risk of developing a heart condition in the first place.


Feeding the unique needs of large breeds

Purebred dogs have a unique combination of needs that are different to other dogs, and these needs require unique nutritional support. If you'd like to know more about the unique needs of a particular breed, explore the ROYAL CANIN® Breed page for more information. 

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