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Learn to spot the signs of environmental dog allergies

Learn to spot the signs of environmental dog allergies with ROYAL CANIN

Is your dog scratching more than normal? They might have an allergy to something in their environment. A quick way to tell is to give them an ESP test. Not to see if they can read your mind, but to check their Ears, Skin and Paws (ESP). These three areas have plenty of telltale signs.

Ear infections often happen as part of dog allergies. The key signs are:
Strong odour
Discharge Pawing of ears
Shaking head

Allergens often cause skin reactions such as:
Constant and obsessive grooming
Rubbing against furniture for relief
Hair loss
Skin redness or lesions

Paws are a sensitive area for dogs, and when they’re feeling itchy, your dog will groom them a lot. Things to look for:
Excessive chewing or licking of paws
Fur loss
Paw redness or soreness
Discolouration from licking

If your dog is showing signs of an environmental allergy, pay a visit to your vet. These allergies can’t be cured, but they can be managed through a mixture of avoiding allergens, altering diet to strengthen the skin and sometimes even medication.

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