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Tips to keep your cat’s coat silky and gleaming

Cats are normally excellent self-groomers that spend a lot of time keeping their coats clean, shiny and tangle free. However, if you want your cat to keep their coat in the best condition, they need a little help. Assisting their grooming routine with regular brushing will make your cat's job a lot easier - especially if they have long hair and are prone to hairballs.

But if you want your cat's skin and coat to really shine, it's good to remember that beauty starts from the inside out. The right premium quality diet will not only keep your cat feeling healthy, it can help balance natural oil levels as well as vitamins and minerals that maintain skin health and keep your cat's coat looking its best.


Cat Grooming Routine


Grooming routine 

Even though your cat is a master groomer, they can do with some added help. Depending on the length and thickness of your cat’s coat, a quick regular brush will help promote shine and remove dirt and tangles.  The added benefit of this regular quick brush is it will help clear their coat of dead hair. 

Cats generally spend around 30% of their time grooming and can swallow a lot of the hair they shed while they groom. This is perfectly normal behaviour and most cats simply digest the hair they swallow. However, if they swallow more than their digestion can handle, they may start to suffer from hairballs. This is especially true of longer-haired cats such as Persians and Maine Coons. If you’re finding your cat is struggling with a hairball issue, our Hairball Care diet works by naturally supporting their digestion with the help of psyllium. Because psyllium is rich in mucilage, this helps move trapped hair out of their stomach and out of their system in their faeces.   


Hero Cat Skin Healthy


Essential nutrition 

Oils rich in essential fatty acids like omega 6 help promote a cat’s coat shine, while the intake of amino acids, vitamins and specific minerals helps to nourish both their skin and coat. The combined intake of these nutrients also helps create a healthier regeneration of skin cells. Because the renewal of skin and hair cells uses a large amount of the available protein and resources a cat gets from their diet, even the slightest lack of these nutrients can affect the appearance and overall quality of their coat.


Healthy from the inside out

The quality of your cat’s outward appearance and the overall health of their coat and skin can be determined by what’s happening on their insides. If you want to get your cat’s coat in top condition, feeding them a high quality diet like our Hair & Skin Care food can promote healthy skin cell renewal and bring about shine. Cats with a much fuller and longer coat may also benefit from our Hairball Care diet to help prevent hairballs getting lodged in their system and lets them continue to groom as often as they like.   



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