Toilet train puppy Puppy Training

Toilet train your puppy at home

Not all puppies will be toilet trained before you bring them home. Toilet training a puppy or a dog takes time and patience: the keys to success are concentration, consistency and repetition. It is also a great time to help develop the bond you have with your new pet.

By maintaining a consistent toilet routine around the following five steps, you and your puppy will be well on the way to achieving toilet training success.

Step One:

Give your puppy plenty of opportunities to go to the toilet outside. Take them out frequently during the day, preferably 20-30min after meals and immediately after naps. As much as possible, take them to the same place every time so they can recognise their own scent.

Step Two:

Put your puppy on the lead when you take them to the toilet. If you let them go off lead and unsupervised, they are likely to get side tracked.

Puppy Toilet Training

Step Three:

Use a simple command when taking them to the toilet like ``be quick`` or ``Toilet``. Through repetition, your puppy will associate this word or phrase with the right action of defecation or urination.

Step Four:

Immediately reward your puppy when they go with a little pat or praise. It is also good practice to say `good dog` in a pleasant tone of voice. You can also offer a treat or give them a chew toy. The key to success relies on you supervising your puppy as much as possible throughout the day so you do not miss the opportunity to reward good behaviour.


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Step Five:

Stay alert to the signs. Puppies have smaller bladders than older dogs and no instinct to “hold on”, so they will need to toilet more frequently than adult dogs. Most accidents happen by allowing too much freedom before they are ready. Confine your puppy to one or two rooms in the house where the family spends the most time so you can keep an eye on them. If you find your puppy turning around and sniffing the floor indoors, these are signs they may need to go.

Brand New Puppy

If an accident happens, don’t punish your puppy – they’re still learning what to do. Simply disinfect the spot with a non-ammonia based product and remove the smell with a pet odour neutraliser. 

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