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Top 10 Christmas presents for dog owners

We all love to spoil our dogs when Christmas-time comes, and there are plenty of great gift ideas for your dog and even for the other dog owners in your life. Here are some of our favourite gift ideas to share with all the members of your canine community.


Water bottles

If you love taking your dog along with you on long hikes or big car trips, a water bottle especially made for dogs is sure to keep them hydrated. These types of water bottles have an attachable bowl that fills up with just a squeeze of the bottle and makes sure your dog is never too far from fresh water.


Dog travel kit

Another great idea for the dog owner that loves the great outdoors is a dog travel kit. These kits make sure owners are well prepared when it comes to travelling with their dogs and have everything you could possibly need on hand. They usually include a portable dog bowl, doggy bags for toilet trips, a collar-attachable flashlight and an emergency leash. No matter the adventure, a travel kit that stays in the car means you won’t get caught out.


Car ramp

Some dogs, especially older dogs and those with injuries, can find it difficult to get themselves in and out of the car unless they are picked up. A car ramp puts less pressure on their joints and makes the task much less of an effort. These not only easily fold up for storage in your car they also protect everyone's joints, whether they be an older dog struggling to get into the car by themselves or an owner lifting a big dog that might weigh too much for them.


Pet crate

A pet crate can be a great gift for the owner of an over-exuberant dog, especially if they have a new puppy or are planning on getting one. Using a crate is a good way to manage a puppy’s behaviour without having to discipline them with negative reinforcement. A crate also helps keep your puppy confined safely at bedtime and other times when they can’t be supervised.


Feeding table

As dogs get older, life for them can start to become a little tougher. A feeding table especially designed for larger breed dogs and those heading into their golden years can make mealtime much easier. The height of the table can be adjusted to perfectly suit them, meaning they won’t have to bend down as far and can keep eating comfortably.


Ball Thrower

This is a gift that is sure to make every active dog very happy. If you’re looking for ways to help your dog exercise, try a ball thrower. These toys throw the ball faster and further than ever. It saves you from bending down to pick up a slobbery ball.and is incredibly easy to use.


Duo dog leash

Never worry about tangled leashes again with a duo dog leash. Clever designs allow you to take two dogs on a walk together and let you easily adjust the amount of slack you give to each of them. The leads can be colour coded so you’ll always know which dog belongs to which leash, so you can have a more controlled and enjoyable walk.


Treat ball toy

Make treats interesting with an interactive toy that releases pieces of kibble when your dog catches the ball at the right angle. When you’re at the office or out at night, keep your dog entertained and engaged with this challenging way to dispense treats. Great for both your dog’s physical and mental activity.


Slow feeder

It's no secret that dogs love their food but some dogs love their food so much they forget to chew properly. Breeds such as Labradors and Bulldogs will tend to gulp down their food, have poor chewing habits and can swallow air when they eat quickly. A great way to try and slow down their food intake is with an interactive slow feeder designed to stimulate your dog and help them reduce their food intake. Scatter their food across the maze-like slow feeder so your dog has to work a lot harder to get to their food. By eating much slower they can reduce digestive issues, gas and bloating and they will also gain a little bit of exercise by being on their feet for longer.

You’ll find these items at most specialty pet stores or online.
Good luck with your Christmas shopping!



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