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Train your puppy to come when you call

Train Your Dog How to Sit

Puppies aren’t the most focussed animals, so it is best to run their training sessions in an enclosed area with very few distractions. Begin by letting your puppy wander off. Then crouch down, open your arms out and use an excited tone of voice to call their name followed by the word “come”. Most puppies will come running. When they arrive, give them lots of praise and reward them with a treat. Then, give them another treat while you clip a lead on their collar.

Once they’ve finished the treat, unclip the lead, stand up and walk away. Then repeat the process from the start. As you continue, start to hold the treat in front of you, down near the ground. They’ll begin to associate that gesture with the “come” command.

Remember, puppies don’t have a great attention span, so keep these sessions short. You’ll find you get the best results with 5 to 10 minute sessions repeated every day.

Dog training series developed by Royal Canin in Partnership with Seeing Eye Dogs Australia

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