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Using smaller proteins to help overcome allergies

Royal Canin use smaller proteins to make food for cats and dogs with food allergies

Currently, there are no known food allergies to carbohydrates, preservatives or additives that have ever been reported in a cat or dog. All recorded food allergies are due to a protein in the diet. By only including hydrolysed proteins in our Veterinary Dermatology diets for cats and dogs with suspected food allergies, we reduce the potential for an allergic reaction.

Hydrolysed proteins are made by breaking down larger proteins into smaller microscopic proteins. These smaller bits of protein are not recognised by the pet’s immune system and therefore are less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Putting your pet on a diet containing hydrolysed proteins, such as our Anallergenic or Hypoallergenic diets, enables your vet to diagnose your pet’s allergies by letting them rule diet in or out as a potential cause of allergic symptoms like hair loss or excess scratching.

Click on Magnificent Skin to find out more about how ROYAL CANIN® can help you manage your pet’s allergy with hydrolysed proteins.

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