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What is the best food for Bulldogs?

Bulldogs are best known for their wrinkly rolls of skin and overhanging jaws, but also for their playful nature that makes them great with children. Even though they aren’t overly active and don’t require too much exercise, they still carry around a lot of muscle mass that only a high-quality diet can help maintain. The best dog food for Bulldogs will not only help prevent weight gain whilst maintaining this muscle, but will also help with their sensitive stomachs and tendency for skin problems.


Best Food For French Bulldogs


Maintaining healthy skin

Skin problems are a common concern for many dogs, but some are more prone to developing them due to genetics. The Bulldog's thick skin rolls are an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. They are also a common location for friction-based dermatitis and both oily and dry skin conditions. ROYAL CANIN®'s Bulldog diet includes a unique combination of vitamins, amino acids and the omega 3 fatty acids EPA & DHA to help your Bulldog maintain the health of their skin, reduce the extent of any inflammation and improve their skin's role as a barrier to external attacks from bacteria.


Supporting bones and joints

The Bulldog’s bones and joints are put under a lot of pressure carrying around their stocky, barrel chests and big build. On top of this, the breed does have a tendency to overeat and is very prone to gaining weight. This is why it’s a good idea to feed your Bulldog a diet with good nutritional balance to prevent weight gain and maintain muscle mass. The ROYAL CANIN® Bulldog diet takes this into account with an adapted calorie count to manage their weight and is also enriched with plenty of the omega 3 fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce swelling and improve joint pain.


French Bulldog Dog Food


Stopping unpleasant smells

The Bulldog has a sensitive digestive system that needs support from a high-quality diet. Because of their oversensitive insides, they sometimes have an unpleasant flatulence problem caused by food fermenting in their digestive tract. On top of this, their flat faces make it much harder for them to eat and so they can end up inhaling too much air when they gobble up their food,  which adds to the problem. This why our Bulldog diet has been formulated with highly digestible proteins, a boosted fibre content and high-quality carbohydrate sources to help support healthy digestion and reduce the amount of time food spends in their digestive tract.


Specific kibble

Because the Bulldog is brachycephalic - a short nosed and flat faced breed -  they can have some more trouble eating their food at a healthy pace and can swallow more air when they try to chew. Our research team developed the Bulldog diet with this in mind by designing a unique kibble to cater for their short, upturned muzzle and overhanging lips to easily pick up and chew.

Each breed has its own individual needs and is why ROYAL CANIN® has worked so hard to provide breed specific diets for purebred dogs. To find out more about the Bulldog diet, head over to the Bulldog page on our Healthy Pet's website.

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