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What should Siamese cats eat?

The slinky Siamese has been selectively bred over generations to have a slender, muscular body and a thin, triangular jaw shape. These defining characteristics, combined with a digestive system that tends to be quite delicate mean that the Siamese has a unique combination of nutritional needs not shared by other breeds.

The food you feed your Siamese should help support these specific needs. Ideally, the diet of a Siamese should help them maintain their lean muscle mass while avoiding additional weight gain. This diet should also be easily digestible to help protect their sensitive stomachs. On top of this, because of the unique shape of the jaw of the Siamese cat, their kibble should encourage them to chew before they swallow - not only to slow their rate of food intake, but also to help reduce the formation of tartar on their teeth.


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Lean muscle mass

The defining physical characteristic of the Siamese cat is their long, slender and well-muscled physique. As an active, athletic breed, the Siamese is constantly in playtime mode and likes to jump and climb all over the house. To maintain their unique body shape and support this active lifestyle, they need more protein and less fat in their diet than other breeds.


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Triangular jaw

The fine-lined, triangular shape of the Siamese cat's jaw is one of their most attractive features. It can also be the cause of one of the breed’s biggest problems - excessive tartar buildup and gum disease. Their jaw shape means the Siamese rarely chews ordinary kibble properly - missing out on the teeth cleaning benefits provided by the dry food.

The best kibble for a Siamese cat should be shaped so that they can't simply eat it whole - they must chew it before they swallow, thereby giving their teeth a clean and improving their overall oral hygiene.


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Delicate stomach

The Siamese cat breed has a tendency to suffer from digestive issues. Their delicate stomach responds well to nutritional support in the form of prebiotics to help promote a greater balance of intestinal flora, as well as highly digestible proteins that enable the body to absorb more of the nutritional value of what they are eating.


Siamese Cat Needs


Formulated for the Siamese's unique needs

There are plenty of different cat breeds and each has a unique combination of nutritional needs their diet should fulfil to help keep them at their healthy best. ROYAL CANIN®'s research team has considered all these needs during the development of the ROYAL CANIN® Siamese diet for this breed.

Whether it is the reinforced levels of high-quality proteins including L-carnitine that help maintain the Siamese's lean muscle mass, the digestive support for sensitive stomachs provided by the highly digestible LIP proteins, or the uniquely shaped kibble that helps protect the Siamese against dental disease, you'll find this Siamese cat diet is incredible in every detail. If you'd like to know more about how this diet can help keep your Siamese cat looking magnificent, visit the Siamese breed page on our website.

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