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What to do if your pet has an upset stomach

Dogs and cats can experience stomach aches – just like people do. Stomach aches in pets are fairly common. A lot of the time they caused by something as simple as them eating things they shouldn’t. The symptoms that normally present themselves include vomiting, diarrhoea, and loss of appetite. If your cat or dog has an upset stomach there are things you can do to relieve their discomfort, and there are signs to watch out for to make sure it’s not the indicator of something more serious.

 What gives dogs an upset tummy


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Causes of an upset stomach

Nine times out of ten, the cause of your pet’s upset stomach will be something they’ve eaten. It might be eating a different food, eating too much or too fast or scavenging unhealthy scraps. Drinking milk can be a cause of an upset stomach too in cats because they can be lactose intolerant.

Far less common causes can include infections, allergies, eating stray objects like toys or packaging, digesting toxins, ulcers, intussusception, pancreatitis, gastric dilation and volvulus, liver disease and other conditions such as kidney disease or urinary tract infections.

What gives cats an upset tummy 

Symptoms of an upset stomach

Signs to watch out for include diarrhoea, vomiting, dehydration, fatigue, excessive gas, drooling and loss of appetite. Other signs include your pet not wanting to lie on their stomach, or whimpering or becoming aggressive when you try to touch their stomach. Cats also have the tendency to become reclusive and sleep excessively.

What gives cats an upset stomach 

Treating an upset stomach

If your pet has an upset stomach it may be tender, so be extra cautious when handling them. If your pet’s digestive system is upset, continuing to feed them could cause their stomach to produce digestive juices to process food, aggravating any inflammation and potentially making them feel worse.

The best thing to do is to get them in to see your vet as soon as possible. If your pet’s stomach ache is due to food allergies, a number of food trials may be necessary to detect what your pet cannot tolerate.

What gives dogs an upset stomach


Feeding better food

Your pet’s diet has a significant impact on their overall gastrointestinal health. If your pet is experiencing an upset stomach, speak to your vet about improving their diet. Feeding your pet a high quality, highly digestible diet will help prevent future irritation to sensitive GI tracts with high-quality fibre blend foods helping to support proper intestinal function.

Take a look at ROYAL CANIN’s Gastro Intestinal range. It includes a number of different diets to help prevent and overcome an upset stomach in your pet. 

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