what to feed my puppy What to feed a puppy

What to feed my puppy

The first year of life is crucial for your puppy’s development. The right diet will supply them with energy but also build and maintain their body’s cells. A premium junior diet is precisely formulated to support your puppy’s growth and development. It will also help to promote their vitality as they mature. Remember too that dogs have nutritional needs that are different to humans. What is good for us might not be good for them and variety in their diet may even lead to gastrointestinal upsets.

What to feed my puppy

ROYAL CANIN® makes a number of different junior diets for puppies that have been specially formulated to make sure your new puppy gets everything they need to help them grow into healthy young adults. Each of these includes precise instructions on how much to feed your new puppy and how often.

Puppies have very small stomachs, so they benefit from being fed small meals frequently throughout the day. Depending on their age they should be given up to three meals a day at scheduled times. It is best to refer to the feeding recommendations on the pack. Puppies respond well to routine and providing their food in the same bowl, in the same area and at the same time each day is actually a positive experience for them.


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Fresh drinking water should be available at all times. Put several bowls around your home – inside and out - to make sure your puppy doesn’t miss an opportunity to have a drink. Some puppies tend to play with their water, so keep an eye on water levels and freshness.

As you will be training your puppy and rewarding them with treats keep in mind that a treat should always complement your puppy’s diet. It can be very easy to overfeed them with extra rewards.  Overweight puppies tend to develop bone and joint abnormalities which can lead to painful arthritis and reduced quality of life.  Some breeds, particularly those with brachycephalic faces like bulldogs, will experience worsening breathing difficulties if they are overweight.  We also know that certain breeds are renowned for their appetites and using a “go-slow” feeding bowl may help. Speak to your vet about the appropriate weight for your puppy and how much food you should be feeding (remember that treats are part of this).

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