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Train your puppy not to bite

Puppies love to chew – especially when they are teething. The problem is when they start chewing something important like a shoe, a cushion or maybe even you.

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Does my cat have an allergy?

Does my cat have an allergy?

Knowing if your cat has allergies is not always easy. Allergic cats with itchy skin will often spend more time grooming than actually scratching so signs of allergies are easy...

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Learn about cat skin conditions with ROYAL CANIN

Causes of cat skin conditions

If your cat has a skin condition, they will often start grooming excessively. You can tell it is "excessive" grooming if their skin becomes red or irritated, bald patches start...

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Blog Exercising Cats

How Can I Get My Cat To Exercise?

Cats, like us, need exercise to shed extra weight and maintain good health. And also like us, the consequences of carrying around extra weight are serious, ranging from osteoarthritis and...

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arthritis dog cat

Arthritis: Can Diet Make a Difference?

With arthritis (osteoarthritis) identified as one of the most common diseases seen and treated in veterinary practice, it is often asked whether specialised food and nutritional supplements can really make...

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04 How Do Cats Choose Their Food

How Do Cats Choose Their Food?

It's amazing how quickly cats will take to certain foods, while they will remain thoroughly uninterested by other foods even though to us they seem virtually identical.

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